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Friday, 13 September 2019

Who is the Hans Christian Village whose Google doodle was created?

Google is celebrating Danish microbiologist Hans Christian Village's 166th birthday by creating a special doodle today.
The doodle that Google has created is designed by Danish guest artist Mikel Sommer.
The doodle featured microscope and bacterial samples from Hans Christian's Village experiment.
Hans Christian Village is known worldwide as his invention of staining grams.
Their only method is to isolate bacterial species.
In 1884 Hans Christian invented the method of classifying bacteria.
Eight decades after his death, his method is still used. In addition to many scientific tests, it is useful for recovering from illness.

What is the gram staining method ?
Ahmedabad microbiologist Nazir Ahmed, speaking to BBC Gujarati, said that due to the gram staining method, there has been a revolution in the world of science.
"Today, the gram staining method is used to identify any germs. There are several types of germs. We do not know if this is positive or negative."
He said that Hans Christian Village developed a method called 'gram staining'.
"Gram-positive bacteria are light purple and gram-negative bacteria are pink."
"The gram-positive bacteria are thick and the gram-negative bacteria are thin."
The bacteria that result from the gram negative are the lungs, bladder, blood infections etc.
Bacteria which are gram-positive, result in skin disease, diphtheria etc.
He said that gram staining is used in all fields of microbiology, not from medical.
"Pharmaceuticals also use a gram staining method to identify bacteria, so that positive-negative bacteria can be identified."
He further said, "Whenever a blood sample, urine sample is taken and staining is done to separate the bacteria from it.
"Whenever a new bacterium is identified during the research, the first gram staining is done, so that works for antibiotic drugs.
They say that after determining what kind of germs they are, how much damage they can do to the body, what medicine will be used for this can be known by this method.

Who is Hans Christian Village?

Hans Christian Village was born on September 13, 1853. He was originally a resident of Denmark.
In 1878, after receiving his MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree from the University of Copenhagen, he studied bacteriology and pharmacology in Europe.
He began his career as a general physician at a local civic hospital.
Hans Christian Gram categorized bacteria into different species based on their chemical and physical properties.
On November 14, 1938, Hans Christian Village passed away.
He is still remembered in the world of science for his gram staining method.
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