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Monday, 9 September 2019

This is a special highlight of the Afghanistan team that defeated Bangladesh

Afghanistan, which recently entered Test cricket, has made history by defeating Bangladesh on its own.
Afghanistan is considered to be the youngest child in the cricket world and has only recently entered the Test, but given the way the team is performing, it must be said that this is a different clay team or it can be said that I really needed some. Hai. '
The Afghan people are very warlike and they don't allow any rivals to win easily, so we hear in the story.
Talking about cricket here, they have proved that they do not allow any competitor to succeed easily on the cricket field.
Afghanistan currently has the best player troop. Especially Rashid Khan and Mohammad Nabi. Besides, Rahmat Shah is also true.
At present the team is on a tour of Bangladesh and in the first Test it has worsened the condition of Bangladesh.
The Bangladesh team has 19 years of experience in the Test match while the Afghanistan team does not have 19 months experience.
The team has played only three Tests, out of which two have won in Tests.

Toward creating history

Looking at the history of Test cricket, Australia and England have won in their first two Tests.
In 1877, the first Test between the two was played, in which the Kangaroo team won and England won the second Test.
Pakistan was able to win in the second Test in 1952, but some of its players had previously played Tests for India.
Other than that, countries had to wait a long time for the first Test victory, with India and South Africa also coming.
In this way, the Afghanistan team is said to be very strong in the early stages. Since having played 3 Tests and won two of those matches.
With two decades of experience and a big margin of 224 runs on the same ground, it is not easy to beat the team.
There are other reasons behind this. Apart from Tests in current cricket, the ODIs and T20s have increased and have helped the Afghan players.
Any team in the world can accommodate Rashid Khan in his XI. Wondering what he accomplished in the World Cup alongside Mohammed Nabi, one wonders why this team did not win another match?
Yes, maybe there is a teamwork deficit but it is slowly improving. They are playing for the first time since the World Cup and have beaten Bangladesh.

The future of Afghan cricket

Bangladesh players are definitely more experienced than Afghanistan, the team is more balanced and playing their home games, however, they beat Rashid and Nabi in the first innings and Afghanistan managed to reach the target of 137 runs.
Apart from Rashid, Nabi and Rahmat, the team has now seen the arrival of young players like Ibrahim Zadran, Zahir Khan and Qais Ahmed who are the future of Afghan cricket.
If Asghar is playing more smoothly after being taken over by the Afghan captain, then Rashid Khan does not see the burden of captaincy, as he is a different player who likes to take wickets. Whether or not they have the responsibility of captaincy, they don't matter.
Rashid Khan is the greatest legspinner in current cricket. Is the most dangerous spinner.
Be it IPL or T20 International or One Day. Rashid has the ability to turn the match around, maybe Kuldeep Yadav or Yuzvendra Singh Chahal don't.
Why the only spinner when it comes to all the current bowlers in the world, only Jasprit Bumrah proved to be a little better than this Afghanistan bowler.
Rahmat Shah scored a century against Bangladesh. This century proved historic, as he became the first batsman to score a century in Test history in his country.
Towards this, Rashid Khan got five wickets in bowling and Bangladesh were deprived of the lead.
The success against Bangladesh is firmly regarded as historic for Afghanistan, as it was its first victory against the full member of the ICC.
Although he had previously only played against India and Ireland in which he had fought against India at one time, his lack of experience led to defeat.
But his victory against Ireland was of little importance, as neither rival team had experienced it and only the second Test was playing
Now speaking of the match against Bangladesh, how can a team that has players like Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim, Mahmudullah, Soumya Sarkar, Mehdi Hassan, Taizul Islam and Mominul Haq be considered weak and victory for Afghanistan is decided on the fourth day? Was. On the fifth day, only the formality was left.
One of the biggest deposits of Afghanistan is its strategic approach. The team does not give up hope even with a couple of overs left in the match.
Rashid Khan and Mohammad Nabi want to fight far. This ability is currently in the Sri Lankan team, but it was not 40 years ago when he entered Test cricket.
South Africa or Pakistan had to wait for the same ability to develop and India too had to wait till the end of the Bedi-Chandra-Prasanna era.
In short, in his early days, there was hardly a team that could showcase power or at least look like a rival team that had to be careful.
The Kiwi bowler is the only Asian bowler in the top ten bowlers to take the most wickets in T20 cricket, except South Africa.
It would be strange to know that India is not the only bowler among these nine Asian bowlers. While Afghanistan has two bowlers. Rashid Khan with 75 and Mohammad Nabi with 69 wickets.
Afghanistan has won 69 percent of its matches in the T20 and is at the forefront of test-playing countries.
India and Pakistan are far behind. There is no such test team except India, Pakistan and Australia in more than 50% match-winning countries, while Afghanistan is at the forefront.
This is also an achievement. In ODI cricket, the players of this team are all fighting.
The strike-rate of Mohammad Shehzad, Nabi, Rahmat Shah, Asghar Afghan, Shamiullah Shenwari or Najibullah Zadran is no less than Shikhar Dhawan or Ben Stokes or Rohit Sharma or Virat Kohli but almost.
In short, due to the geographical location of Afghanistan, the cricketing capabilities of the people there are being seen in their cricketers.
He has been upset in ODIs and T20s and has started Test cricket.
In the coming days or months, the team is confident that it will perform more aggressively.
None of the newcomers has been shown to be so talented, but given the ability of this team, they are raising concerns for test patients.
If so, the element of competition in cricket will be added and the ICC's campaign to save Test cricket will be accelerated.
In addition, it would seem that the ICC gave Afghanistan the status of a Test cricket team.
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