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Saturday, 21 September 2019

The story behind Narendra Modi's program in America

This is a very contradictory situation when you are writing about the visit of the Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy and the President of the nation's most powerful country in Goa, a small Indian state. However, there are some similarities.
Thunderstorms and rain are expected in Houston and the historic moment of the two leaders' visit is imminent.
Goa also has heavy rains and storms. Here too the youth of the state has done something historical recently.
But we will talk about Goa sometime later. Right now, it's Houston and 'Howdy Modi'.
The biggest question now is how did 'Heidi Houston' finally become? Does this reflect India's presence on a global perspective?
More importantly, there is tension between India and the US over trade issues and this is happening when there are various statements being made on the Kashmir issue.
Will the Indian wave that has been raised in the United States at this time bring any new results, or will it be just a play of digital politics in the modern times, in which fiction seems factual and reality becomes unrealistic? Need to write a book on it, but here's the essence.
Mutual economy
But the economy is also one of the reasons behind this.
In the midst of rising conservatism, economies that are collapsing, dwindling, and facing trade wars, the WTO's system of care for each party is now outdated.
No matter how liberal the cooperation and agreements in trade can be made for the good of everyone, bilateral relations have become a reality in view of their own interests today.
However, it is not that it will replace the world's financial institutions. These are organizations that have tried to bring some stability to international traditions of 'chaotic'. But, a practical bilateral relationship is only going to be a fact that can vary from point to point.
The United States and China reached a state of trade war, but both were shocked or appalled at the prospect of major losses.
A similar situation exists between India and the US. Trade and investment between the two countries are still unchanged despite the pulls over data security laws.
People with liberal views can be relieved that the economies are connected and that each country needs each other now.
If we talk about India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown the ability to create hope and expectation among millions of Indians.
This capability can be turned into reality only if they can apply the slogan of their 'sab ka saath sabka vikas' and eliminate the politics of hatred that is destroying the original idea of ​​India.
They still have time to do so and they can make history. Similarly, Donald Trump needs immigrants to win the election, and he can make new ads.
Thus, 'Howdy Modi' is a match of the two countries with equal inclination which can go in any direction.
These two countries can move beyond the old-fashioned method of bipartisan, regional and global level to a crucial era of stability, or may again lead to fights and chaos. It all depends on what the leaders of the two countries choose.

Texture - your own needs

There is no doubt that what is happening in Houston is happening for the first time in history.
About 50,000 people are expected to attend the 'Howdy Modi' program organized on Sunday.
It will also be the first time that the President of the United States of America is present when the Prime Minister of another country addresses outside the US capital.
The program is seen as a demonstration of the growing economic and strategic relations between the two countries. But in the digital age, this display of diplomacy fails against the real politics of closed rooms.
There are facts that are decided in a closed room and that is the reality that is always the hardest.
The benefits of the fast-growing Asian community cannot be overlooked when the US presidential election is to be held in the United States.
About 20 percent of the Asian community in the United States has a tendency toward Democrats. Indians are also involved.
If the Republican Party gets even the slightest support from this community, it can benefit Trump a lot.
However, it would still be hasty to say anything about this as nothing can be said in politics.
Opposition is raising questions on Narendra Modi's politics of campaigning for a Congress-free India in his country, and that is why Modi needs more of Donald Trump.
The biggest example of his politics is Goa, where almost the entire opposition has joined the ruling party. In this way, the fact has become virtual in the name of the good of the people.
At the same time, after the controversial decision to remove Article 370 in Kashmir, the government has to show powerful countries in their favor. Houston's politics just revolve around it.
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