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Sunday, 15 September 2019

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan expressed the possibility of war with India

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan expressed the possibility of war with India
Imran Khan has faced many challenges since becoming Prime Minister of Pakistan. On the economic front, Pakistan has survived defaulters and still the crisis clouds are not fully shaken.
On the other hand, tensions with India on the Kashmir issue are at its peak and the political climate in Karachi is hot inside the country as well.
If India abolished the autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan tried to raise the issue on every stage of the world but it did not succeed.
Imran Khan calls his opponents in Pakistan a 'u-turn PM'. Imran Khan has promised to create a new Pakistan but has not seen any drastic change yet.
In an interview to Al-Jazeera, Imran Khan said that there was a possibility of war with India over the Kashmir issue.
Are there any major conflicts between the two nuclear-armed countries?
In response to this question, Imran Khan said, "Yes there is a risk of war between the two countries."
Pakistani PM says war with India is possible. Pakistan's relationship with neighboring China has historically been very close but it does not happen at all with India.
Imran Khan said in the interview on Kashmir issue, "80 lakh Muslims in Kashmir have been imprisoned for the last 6 weeks."
"India wants to divert the attention of the world from accusing Pakistan of terrorism. I will be very clear about the fact that Pakistan will never launch a war."
"I'm a peace-loving person. I'm anti-war. I believe war is not a solution to a problem."

India wants to drown us in debt '
Imran Khan said, "When two nuclear warheads collide, one cannot even imagine what the outcome will be."
"That's why we contacted the United Nations. We are raising the issue on all the forums in the world. We want a political settlement."
"If the matter reaches war, it will not be limited to India only. It will go beyond that and affect the whole world."
Imran Khan said, "We tried to have dialogue with India and India tried to put us on the black list of the Financial Action Task Force. If Pakistan had gone to the black list, we would have been banned. India wanted to declare us bankrupt."
He said, "Government of India has abolished Article 370 of its own constitution. So there is no question of dialogue right now."
"India has taken this decision illegally by going against the UN Security Council's guarantee of a referendum. Thus, not only did it violate international law but it also violated its constitution."
It is noteworthy that India has made it clear that Jammu and Kashmir is their internal issue and will not accept any intervention in it.
When asked about his achievements, Imran Khan said, "We are already in a new Pakistan. This government has done something that no previous government has done."
"The functioning of a government, like the saying that Rome did not happen in a single day, can be assessed after five years. The first year was the most difficult time.
Stupid people don't take yu turn '
Imran Khan told 'Al Jazeera', "I am happy when they call the U-turn Prime Minister. Only fools do not take U-turn. Only an idiot can hit the wall with a wall in the road. An intelligent person. Change their plans immediately. "
But did their u-turn have a positive impact on the country?
Imran Khan, when asked if there was any danger of a major conflict between the two nuclear-armed neighbors, said that he believed there was a possibility of war with India.
Imran Khan said there was no possibility of dialogue after Article 370 was removed from Kashmir. If India does not talk to Pakistan, what will Pakistan do?
In response to this question, Khan said, "After the Second World War, the United Nations is formed and there is the issue of Kashmir and there is hope that a solution can be found."
"We are contacting all the powerful countries in the world. If the Kashmir issue is not resolved, it will have an impact on the entire world. Those countries that see the big market in India and look at trade, have no idea if they do not intervene. The war will have an impact not only on India but on the whole world. "

Role in the Afghan War

In an interview with 'Russia Today' a day ago over the question of the breaking of the peace between the Taliban and the US in Afghanistan, Imran Khan denied the allegations that Pakistan was backing extremist groups to seek funding from Western countries.
He said, "When Pakistan participated in the war against extremism led by the US, 70,000 of its people were killed. In the meantime, about $ 100 billion was lost while aid was only $ 20 to 30 billion."
He said, "No one has suffered as much loss of life in Pakistan as in this war. As far as the Taliban are concerned, Pakistan's role is to establish peace in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, our governments participated in the Afghan war, which was not our war. I oppose it. I am wondering why we are fighting a war if we have no role in 9/11. "

Saturday, 14 September 2019

In America, debt-ridden citizens, debt to consumers reached $ 4 billion

In America, debt-ridden citizens, debt to consumers reached $ 4 billion
Debt on US consumers has risen to new record highs. That means $ 4 billion is the highest in US history to date.
The average adult American only has a credit card of about $ 4,000 or about $ 3 million in debt.
Poor families are having difficulty making a living due to debt. They have no means of paying off debt.
"This is like a valley of death," says Dean Ledbetter, an army officer.
The debt has ruined his health and made himself bankrupt, the military official said.
He started using a credit card, but then realized he could not pay it.
So he started taking more loans from the lenders (with higher interest rates). I also had to borrow from friends.
Ledbetter says, "I participated in the Gulf War. My back was injured and my eyesight was also somewhat lost."
After returning from the war, he was living on a pension.
After the marriage collapsed, he had to leave the house and stay in the car on the road. There was very little to eat.
Due to this, the debt gradually increased on them. They say, "I have to live somehow."
They now have a debt of more than $ 100,000 total.
It is not possible for a person like him to live on a normal pension.
Dean Ledbetter says, "Your ship is like a wreck. I had to decide whether to float or sink. As interest grows."
"This is a very abusive situation. I am honorably living. I am sick of saying I can't pay off debt."
There are many people like Ledbetter, who demand that there should be some sort of control over the interest rates that financial institutions charge.
Loans of any type are considered valid in 32 US states other than traditional banking.
Usually, such a loan is very expensive. Because of this, people are caught in the cycle of interest.
There are three types of loans in which most borrower gets stuck - consumer loans, vehicle loans and student loans.

"The whole idea is wrong"

Lenders Alliance Online Executive Director Mary Jackson defends the terms with which lending is likely to be submerged.
"The default rate is 25%. The burden is on the industry because people are not in a position to pay their debts."
How can such a high interest rate be justified?
"A 15% interest is charged on the loan taken for two weeks."
"The loan has not been taken for a year, so calculating that 300% interest is paid is wrong," says Jackson.
But there are companies that charge up to 80% per cent for two weeks on the same client who has already taken out a loan.
Due to this the interest on the debtor interest is paid off.
"That might be true in some cases," says Jackson, but most states have banned another lawn from completing one lawn.

Rural poverty in the world's richest economy

If we think of the whole nation as a lot of people, if they do not pay their debt, it can be a big problem.
A similar situation was created during the Great Depression of 2008. At that time many families could not afford to pay their mortgage.
Many economists are saying, "Debt on consumers does not seem to be a threat to the country's economy right now."
"When interest rates are historically low, such risk is minimal."
But some experts, such as Kenneth Rogoff, a professor at Harvard University, believe that "constant stagnation (due to economic stagnation and rising inflation) creates a bad situation for low-income people."
"I think in some parts of the country, especially away from urban areas, there is a situation where there is less work available and the cost of housing has dropped."
"Some regions are in more danger and consumer loans have become a problem there."
"The rate of migration is lower now than it was 30 to 40 years ago."

Debt crisis on students

In which sectors is debt rising the fastest?
"Consumer loans, vehicle loans, and most dramatically, student loan loans are increasing debt," says Ms Rogoff.
"Students are still looking for employment, so their debt is most affected."
He explains that 15 years ago, the law was amended to put students in 'unfair' status.
Melissa Hagetree, 24, says, "Despite having a well-paying job in the middle class, he couldn't pay his lawn. He gets about 11% interest annually."
"When you have debt in your head, it becomes difficult to imagine what the future will hold."
"I don't understand if I can repay the loan. It has been difficult to move beyond one month's calculations."
"My salary is good, but the bank is asking me to pay more than I earn."

In some cases, the interest rate rises and increases

Martha Wonderley is a representative of the Fair Credit Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps borrowers in Utah.
He says, "An average person has to use more than half his salary behind a house. People's salaries do not rise as the economy continues to grow."
"True, unemployment is low, but people are not earning enough to cover their expenses."
Wonderley explains that once people get into a clutter of interest, they can't get out.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Who is the Hans Christian Village whose Google doodle was created?

Who is the Hans Christian Village whose Google doodle was created?
Google is celebrating Danish microbiologist Hans Christian Village's 166th birthday by creating a special doodle today.
The doodle that Google has created is designed by Danish guest artist Mikel Sommer.
The doodle featured microscope and bacterial samples from Hans Christian's Village experiment.
Hans Christian Village is known worldwide as his invention of staining grams.
Their only method is to isolate bacterial species.
In 1884 Hans Christian invented the method of classifying bacteria.
Eight decades after his death, his method is still used. In addition to many scientific tests, it is useful for recovering from illness.

What is the gram staining method ?
Ahmedabad microbiologist Nazir Ahmed, speaking to BBC Gujarati, said that due to the gram staining method, there has been a revolution in the world of science.
"Today, the gram staining method is used to identify any germs. There are several types of germs. We do not know if this is positive or negative."
He said that Hans Christian Village developed a method called 'gram staining'.
"Gram-positive bacteria are light purple and gram-negative bacteria are pink."
"The gram-positive bacteria are thick and the gram-negative bacteria are thin."
The bacteria that result from the gram negative are the lungs, bladder, blood infections etc.
Bacteria which are gram-positive, result in skin disease, diphtheria etc.
He said that gram staining is used in all fields of microbiology, not from medical.
"Pharmaceuticals also use a gram staining method to identify bacteria, so that positive-negative bacteria can be identified."
He further said, "Whenever a blood sample, urine sample is taken and staining is done to separate the bacteria from it.
"Whenever a new bacterium is identified during the research, the first gram staining is done, so that works for antibiotic drugs.
They say that after determining what kind of germs they are, how much damage they can do to the body, what medicine will be used for this can be known by this method.

Who is Hans Christian Village?

Hans Christian Village was born on September 13, 1853. He was originally a resident of Denmark.
In 1878, after receiving his MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree from the University of Copenhagen, he studied bacteriology and pharmacology in Europe.
He began his career as a general physician at a local civic hospital.
Hans Christian Gram categorized bacteria into different species based on their chemical and physical properties.
On November 14, 1938, Hans Christian Village passed away.
He is still remembered in the world of science for his gram staining method.

Why did artists including Kirtidan, Maybhai return Swaminarayan Sansthan Award?

Why did artists including Kirtidan, Maybhai return Swaminarayan Sansthan Award?
In Gujarat, narrator Moraribapu's statement about Neelkanth does not name the dispute to end.
Many Swarajinarayan saints opposed Moraribapu's statement and many artists of the state came with Moraribapu.
After which the statements from both of them started and many of his videos also went viral.
Now a new twist in the controversy has come when some artists have announced the return of the Ratnakar Award.
Other artists including folk singer Osman Mir, comedian Mayabhai Ahir, singer Kirtidan Gadhvi, writer Jay Vaswada have announced the return of the award.
The Ratnakar Award is given by the Lakshminarayan Devpith of the Department to folk writers, writers and other contributors in the society.
The award also includes testimonials and cash prizes.

What's the whole controversy?

In the backdrop of the entire controversy is the narrator Morariibapu's statement.
At a program in the French capital of Paris, Moraribapu said, " Don't eat laddis and get blue ."
Subsequently, his statement expressed displeasure with the saints of the Swaminarayan sect and those connected with the sect.
However, Moraribapu said in another statement that if any of his words hurt anyone, 'Mishchhami dukkadam'.
The allegations were made by Moraribapu's statement, to question his knowledge.

... but why are artists so upset?

In a program by Saint Vivekasvarupadasji of the Bagsara Swaminarayan sect , Moraribapu's statement was rejected.
He said, "I am deeply saddened by this statement. Even the billions of devotees to Mahadeva do not tolerate that Lord Swaminarayan refutes by keeping Mahadev ahead."
He also went on to cite the artists, "There are many atheists who refute the nature of God and find locksmiths. Even if a good artist performs alcohol, people still make locks."
Unhappy with his statement, Gujarati artists and writers have talked about giving back the Ratnakar Award.
However, in another video, he expressed regret over the Swaminarayan sect's saint Vivekasvarapadasji and said, "There has been controversy about Nilakantha for a long time. Everything else has been settled even though some artists seem to be upset."
"We call the artists in our program and celebrate the Ratnakar Festival. If the artists are upset with the words that are being programmed on stage, we withdraw our words.

What a folk artist and author says

Speaking to BBC Gujarati, Kirtidan Gadhvi said, "It is an insult to an artist to honor an artist and then make such a statement."
"Even if a big saint like Moraribapu apologizes for this, the dispute does not stop."
"Moraribapu has no personal dislike for any sect but it is also true that no sect is bigger than Sanatan Dharma."
"It is not appropriate to enlarge any denomination by showing down the eternal religion."
BBC Gujarati spoke to folk artist Bhikudan Garhvi about this.
He said, "The artists are saddened by two things - one was humiliated by saying 'Drunk comes on stage' and the other, inappropriate words about Moraribapu were also used."
He added, "There is nothing wrong with what Moraribapa said. Other sects have come from Sanatan Dharma."
"My personal view is that such a dispute should not be escalated."
"If the artists have returned the award to cast their vote and Saint Vivekasvarapadasji has also apologized, the dispute should end."
In addition, Maybhai issued a video, citing a statement from Sant Vivekasvarupadasji of Swaminarayan sect of Bagsara, calling it an insult to the entire artist society.
Jay Vaswada wrote in Facebook post , "My conscience stings at the award of Bapu, who has no respect for the institution, who holds the award and opposes Bapu's unreasonable ignorance, and looks at him every day. I wish I had the choice. "

Is this religious politics?

"Are we going through that era when there was a war between Shiva and Vaishnavas in the East?"
"It is true that sects are under the shadow of Sanatan Dharma. But in the Indian system there has been talk of honoring all sects and religions."
"India is a secular country, not a theocratic country where religion is ruled. All sects have been honored here."
"What is happening in Gujarat looks like religious politics are going on."

Emerald, Emerald and controversy

In order to understand the background of the dispute, emeralds and emeralds were also understood.
According to the prevailing belief in Hinduism, while the churning was going on, things were going out one after the other. The gods and demons who were mutually sharing. At that time, calcut poisoned.
When both parties were not ready to take it, they approached Lord Shiva. If the god of slaughter, Shiva, drank poison, it was true, but he did not go down the throat.
But due to the poisoning effect, their throat became blue, hence they became known as Neelkanth.
The Swaminarayan sect is divided into different sects including the Bochasanasi Aksharpurasutam Sanstha, Vadtal Mattress, Kalupur Gaddi, Maninagar Institute, Sokhda Institute.
All these sects consider Swaminarayan as their Aradadeva. One whose name is Neelkanthvarni.
This controversy has arisen in Swaminarayan sect as Prasad is often given the short form of Ladu, namely Ladudi.
However, the narrator Moraribapu apologized for trying to cover up the controversy and said his statement was being viewed without further reference.
Nileshbhai from Moraribapu told the BBC that Bapu had clarified the matter but what can be done if someone wants to raise a dispute?
However, he added that what Moraribapu said about Neelkanth is true.
The Swaminarayan organizations also appealed to the contestants not to charge and debate against the opposition.